• ClaroRead Chrome Control Phrases - English – en . full stop , comma ; semicolon : colon hyphen ! exclamation mark ? question mark _ under score,underscore,low line,lowline ( left parenthesis,open parenthesis,left bracket,open bracket ) right parenthesis,close parenthesis,right bracket,close bracket % percent sign ” quotation mark @ at sign # number sign,hashtag,octothorpe,sharp asterisk plus sign […]
  • Checking your firewall settings - ClaroRead Chrome extension uses a number of web services to complete certain tasks. If any of these are blocked in your firewall settings you may notice that certain features are not working correctly. You can use the following page to determine which endpoints your firewall is blocking: ClaroRead Chrome extension […]
  • Provisioning Chrome Site Licences - How to get ClaroRead Chrome to every user in your organisation.
  • How to cancel a ClaroRead Chrome Extension Premium subscription - You can stop a current subscription at any time. Here’s how: Sign in to Google Payments. In the order details, click Manage. Click Cancel subscription. More:
  • Getting Started with ClaroRead for Chromebook - Welcome to ClaroRead for Chromebook! You have a new toolbar that appears in every web page: Just click in a page and click the play button and the page will be read aloud! To change the voice, background colour and other settings click the ClaroRead Chrome settings icon (browser action) […]
  • Voices in ClaroRead for Chromebook - Which text-to-speech voices you can use in ClaroRead Chrome depends on where you are running Chrome.
  • ClaroRead Chrome Extension Site Policies - ClaroRead Chrome Extension v9 introduces policies for Site Licence customers to control ClaroRead Chrome Extension settings across their domain.
  • ClaroRead Chrome Release Notes - ClaroRead Chrome Version 20 released August 2019 Version 21 Version 21 Under Development Improved spellcheck for Swedish. More words right more often. Improved voice selection. We provide lots of voices in lots of languages with ClaroRead Chrome – we have users all over the world and can provide dozens of […]
  • Installing Chrome Apps and Extensions - How to install ClaroRead Chrome on your Chromebooks and Google Domain, for end users and site licences, and how to upgrade to Premium.
  • ClaroRead Chrome Extension User Guide - The ClaroRead Chrome Extension sits in your Google Chrome web browser. It lets you speak web pages, PDFs and Google Docs on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook.

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  • ClaroIdeas Web Help manual - ClaroIdeas is an easy-to-use tool to support the creation and editing of concept or idea maps using visual components. It has been specifically developed to support people with wide age and ability ranges. We have tried to keep the complexity of the program down whilst still retaining the functionality of […]
  • ClaroIdeas Web Release Notes - ClaroIdeas Web Version 1 released October 2018

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