Claro Keyboard Quick Language Switching

Published by Claro Software on

In the recent update for Claro Keyboard, we added a flag button to the keyboard that you can use to quickly toggle between the currently supported languages:
  • British English
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian

This flag button controls the main language settings of the keyboard app. Changing the flag, changes the language of:

  • The keyboard UI e.g. if you change to Swedish, you’ll see Swedish characters keys on the keyboard.
  • The voice. If you change to Swedish for example, the keyboard will use a Swedish voice when speaking. You can change this to any voice you like and it will be remembered for each time you change to this flag.
  • The prediction dictionary. When you change the flag to another language, the keyboard will change the prediction dictionary to match the language you have selected. You can change this to any dictionary and it will be remembered each time you change to this flag.

Many of our users work in multiple languages and this new feature will help with the ease of use when it comes to having to switch quickly between different languages. Previously, you would have had to change the keyboard language, change the voice and change the prediction dictionary separately. Now you can do this with the tap of a single button!

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