In Development – 2019

Claro Keyboard for iOS is a brand new keyboard app that is planned to be bundled with our ClaroSpeak iOS app. It is a separate app and works independently from ClaroSpeak.

Claro Keyboard is designed to be an assistive onscreen keyboard that you can use instead of, or alongside, the standard system iOS keyboard. Using Claro Keyboard, you can get the support of our text-to-speech and prediction features in any app on your iPad or iPhone.


  • Voices – access any of high-quality voices to customise how the app reads back to you.
  • Typing echo – Claro Keyboard can speak back what you type; great for on-the-go proof-reading.
  • Word prediction – get access to our smart word prediction that can help you as you type. Prediction in Claro Keyboard also supports picture clarification, which can help if you are not sure which word is the correct one.
  • Tap and play – tap anywhere in to an area where you can type and you can press the play button on the Claro Keyboard toolbar. The app will then read back the text from where you tapped.
  • Dictionary lookup – select a word/phrase or tap in to some text and you can tap the dictionary button to get a definition and picture description of that word or phrase.
Categories: iOS apps