Claro PhonemeReader Release Notes

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Version 1 released 1 August 2019.

Danesh IqbalLead Developer
Danesh Iqbal
Stuart Marsden Product Manager
Stuart Marsden

Version 2

Under development

  • Brand new layout and cleaner design.
  • Tailored layouts for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Introduction of ‘dictate’ features so learners can specify a word to be presented in phoneme and grapheme form.
  • Further improvements to the dictionary: more words coming all the time!
Phoneme Reader 2

Version 1

Version 1 released 1 August 2019. Blog Post: Correct Spelling with Claro PhonemeReader

  • Type a word into the search bar and see it displayed as individual Phoneme’s
  • Press the play button to hear the Individual Phonemes read aloud and then the whole word read out.
  • 4 Voices for Phonemes: Malcolm UK, Diane UK, Male US, Female US.
  • Works on any browser.
  • Works Offline.
  • Available on Windows.
  • Change the word speed & sound speed.
  • contains 10,000 words.


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