Claro PhonemeReader User Guide

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Claro PhonemeReader reads back words broken down into their phonetic form. Enter the word you are looking for into the search bar then press the search button.

PhonemeReader search bar

If your word is in our dictionary it will be displayed in large font alongside its grapheme representation. Pressing the play button will begin the playback of the word. First, each phoneme will be spoken, and its associated grapheme will be highlighted.

Once the phonemes have finished speaking the whole word will be read aloud.

There are several ways that the graphemes may be highlighted which are designed to show how the graphemes link to the separate phonemes.

  • Single grapheme in orange: grapheme is linked directly to the phoneme.
  • Two graphemes in orange: phoneme is represented by two graphemes.
  • Whole word in red: The current phoneme has no grapheme link.

You can select from an array of voice options. The sound options on the left are for the phoneme voice. There are options for both Male and Female voices from the UK and US regardless of the platform you are working on.  The slider controls the length of the time gap between each phoneme being said.  Moving the slider to the left increases the time gap, moving the slider to the right reduces the time gap.

The options on the right are for the full word being spoken. The voices available here will depend on your platform. The speed slider controls how quickly the word is spoken.

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This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.