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  • Claro Phoneme Reader – How to Install (offline) - The program has been designed so that it can be used offline, recognising that the Internet connection is not 100% reliable in many schools. To enable use of Phoneme Reader offline, the program has to be installed on your device.  Follow these instructions for the device you are using: Windows […]
  • Claro Phoneme Reader nonsense words - To help users with learning new words Phoneme Reader contains a set of nonsense words. You can find them below. baim barst beff blard blies blorn bluns braft braits blum cag chab chack charb chob clain clend clisk cloin coid criff dack dat desh disp doil drap elt emp eps […]
  • Thinking behind the development of Phoneme Reader - The Phoneme Reader has been developed to serve a simple but important purpose. It provides the opportunity to reinforce learning of the link between graphemes and phonemes as it is being taught in class. Any word in the 10000-word dictionary can be displayed as a whole word followed by the […]
  • Suggested use of Claro Phoneme Reader - Suggested use of Phoneme Reader The idea is that a child can review learning they are currently doing in class as a form of multisensory reinforcement. They should be provided with a list of words in a separate document. The computer would be set up to display the Phoneme Reader […]
  • Claro Phoneme Reader User Guide - Claro Phoneme Reader reads back words broken down into their phonetic form. Enter the word you are looking for into the search bar then press the search button. If your word is in our dictionary it will be displayed in large font alongside its grapheme representation. Pressing the play button […]