Claro ScanPen Android Release Notes

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Claro ScanPen Android Version 2 released September 2018

Version 2

Version 2.2.1 released September 2018

  • Updates to run on Android 9.0. Works with android 9.0, also small bug fixes for Samsung devices.

Version 2

Version 2.2.0 released January 2018

  • Open From Gallery. You are able to open images and OCR images from the Gallery, this allows you to use your preferred camera app to take pictures.

Version 2

Version 2.1 released September 2017. Blog Post: Claro ScanPen Android 2.1 Released

  • Text Sharing. When you select text in ScanPen it is read aloud. You can now also tap on the new Share button and the text will be sent to the other application of your choice. This lets you extract the text from a picture and send it to an email, or document, or message.
  • Licence key unlocking. You can now unlock ScanPen for Android by entering a ClaroRead for Windows or Mac licence key, rather than having to purchase the App. This lets ClaroRead for Windows or Mac get ScanPen for Android free.

Version 2

Version 2.0.6 released March 2017

  • Now works for photos taken in portrait and landscape view.
  • New flash – turn on your flash to provide more light, take a clearer picture and get better scan results. (Settings, Camera Options, Flash).
  • Set the speech rate for text-to-speech (faster or slower speaking).
  • Quickly access the available Android text-to-speech engines to select the available voices.

Version 1

Version 1.0.9 released 31 October 2016. Blog Post: Claro ScanPen Android Released

  • Take a photograph, automatic rapid and accurate OCR, then read back the text in the photograph.
  • All on the phone – no need for Internet connection.
  • Support for English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Free until 31 December 2016. One-off In-App purchase required thereafter.
  • Select by paragraph (block), line or word.
  • Select highlight colour.
  • Works with native Android (Google) voices, Samsung, Vocalizer, IVONA and Acapela text-to-speech engines.


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