January 2018

New features

  • Document detection mode
    • Enabling this will make ScanPen automatically search your camera view for any visible documents.  When it finds one, it will automatically take a photo, crop it and deskew it.
    • This lets you scan only the items you are interested in and automatically corrects any images errors such as skewed or misaligned documents, background noise etc.
    • This can be toggled on/off by tapping the new document detection mode button: Image detection mode button
  • Image filters
    • New greyscale and black & white image filter modes.
    • These new image filter modes can help you improve the accuracy of your image scans by filtering out any unwanted objects and improving text contrast.
  • New system voices
    • There are now lots more iOS system voices to choose from, including the Siri and enhanced quality voices.
    • This includes male and female choices for many of the available languages.


  • Updated UI
    • Now uses a cleaner UI with rounded buttons and no toolbars.


  • Minimum iOS version 9

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