Claro Software Platform Support Policy

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Claro Software will support the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows in Mainstream Support.
  • macOS versions current and one previous. Older versions of ClaroRead will be made available for any users with older versions of macOS.
  • ChromeOS and Google Chrome in the Stable Channel.
  • iOS and iPadOS current version.
  • Adobe Reader for Windows current version and previous version.
  • The current stable version of Microsoft Word for Windows and macOS.
  • The current version of Microsoft Word on

We will ensure that our currently-shipping software works on these platforms. We are enrolled in Beta and pre-release schemes to ensure we have access to the latest versions of platforms to test and develop.

Users who comply with these requirements can expect correct operation of their Claro Software products. We will take reasonable measures to support users who cannot comply, and we develop with backwards-compatibility in mind, but we cannot guarantee support.


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