Claro Software & Windows 8 Compatibility

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Quick Summary: Claro Software programs work fine on Windows 8 / 8.1 machines.

We have tested all of our products with Windows 8 / 8.1, and all of our products below work fine with Windows 8 / 8.1 when using it on the traditional desktop where non-Modern UI apps like Office, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader run:

  • ClaroRead (Pro*, Plus*, Standard*, SE) V6
  • ScreenRuler V3
  • ClaroView
  • ClaroCapture V2 **
  • ClaroIdeas V2
  • WordRead V6
  • Scan2Text V2
  • SymPrint
  • Oska WordBanks
  • Tactix Touchpad
  • Oska V2
  • Claro FaceMouse

* One slight change: in ClaroRead, to make a single word speak or show a dictionary tooltip for a word, double-click on the word to select it instead of holding down the control key and pointing with the mouse. This is easier than holding-and-pointing and will probably become the standard in future versions.

** We are aware that on some Windows 8 computers ClaroCapture’s “Capture selected text” button is not working (a ‘bing’ noise occurs instead). There is an updated version of ClaroCapture available that fixes this problem. You can use ClaroUp to update your ClaroCapture to this version.

Windows 8 is Windows 7 plus the new Modern UI (once called Metro) Start menu and the new Windows 8 Apps. Windows 8 typically runs programs written for Windows XP/Vista/7, and is what you may upgrade your existing laptop and desktop computers to. Just as we supported the move from Windows XP to Vista, and Vista to 7, you can move to Windows 8 and expect your existing Claro Software programs to work.

If you buy a machine running Windows RT (which you can only do by buying a tablet with it pre-installed) then none of your existing non-Microsoft programs will work. Windows RT uses the ARM microchips that are universal in Android and Apple tablets and phones – the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone, Amazon Fire – all ARM microchips. ARM chips use less power, so they are better for tablets and phones. Claro Software is committed to supporting our users where ever we can, including tablets: our ClaroSpeak iPad/iPhone App launched this year is an example of this support. We?ll keep examining take-up and usage of Windows RT, just like we do with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, to support users.

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.