Claro Website Reader:

Claro Website Reader is a toolbar that you can install on your website to provide accessibility options.

How do i use the Claro Website Reader Toolbar?

From left to right: Play, Stop and Settings

Click And Play

Click on a sentence and click play to hear the web-page be read out from the beginning of the sentence. (note on iOS you must tap and hold a word and then tap and hold the play button).

Text Select

Highlight some text to hear it read aloud.


Press the stop button to stop voice immediately.


Press the settings icon for additional readability settings and to change the things about the voice.


The default voice matches the language of the web page and if it can’t be found it then matches with the language of the users browser.

How do i install the toolbar on my website? 
Simply include the following line at the bottom of the body tag on the page you want to use it.


Then create a button, like the ones above, and include: onclick=”ClaroWebsieReader.Toggle()” for a toggle switch or onclick=”ClaroWebsiteReader.Show()” & onclick=”ClaroWebsiteReader.Hide()”


id="ClaroWebReaderButton" onclick="ClaroWebsiteReader.Toggle()">Toggle
Claro Website Reader</button>

The Toolbar should be visible on any page which you have included this line.

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