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Writing Helper Version 4 released 13 June 2022

David BrowneLead Developer
David Browne
Stuart marsden Product Manager
Stuart Marsden

Version 4

Version 4.0.0 released 13 June 2022. Blog Post: Writing Helper Windows Update

  • New interface including: 
    • Dark and light mode theme selection to settings.
    • Onboarding help buttons to Question, Structure and Snippets tabs
    • Settings button to the bottom of the navigation panel
    • Unsorted Snippets have now been moved into a side panel in the Snippets tab
  • Added Read & Write support throughout the application
  • Added ‘Use uncited sources in bibliography’ checkbox to the Publish tab
  • Plus lots of performance improvements!

Version 3

Version 3.1.0 released 19 April 2022.

  • Updates to licensing to take new-style short licence keys in the form “ABDCEF”. If you have a licence key (or “product code”) like this, make sure you get the latest Writing Helper 3.1.

Version 3 released 19 January 2022. Blog Post: Writing Helper 3 Release

To follow on after our recent 2.1 update that allowed you to link to ClaroIdeas, Inspiration and MindView visual mapping applications for your idea brainstorming, we’re very pleased to bring version 3 your way.

  • With version 3 you can also import your project structure from various sources, including previous projects and the visual mapping applications already supported.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1.1 released 11 November 2021. Blog Post: Writing Helper Update

  • Writing Helper now allows users to link to Inspiration or MindView for their mind mapping.
Mind Mapping options in “Settings” section
  • Your open concepts will now appear in the starting map for you to build and explore your ideas instead of the blank mind mapping page.
  • We have a new name and logo, from Claro Writing Helper to the much easier to say “Writing Helper”!
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements.

Version 2

Version 2.0.4 released 23 July 2021. Blog Post: Claro Writing Helper 2 Release

  • You can now import and export your Claro Writing Helper projects between machines. This allows you to send copies of your work to your tutors, or to take your project to another computer and continue your work there. If you are a tutor yourself, this allows you to create an incomplete essay and share this with your students to help them develop specific skills in their essay-writing learning. A shared project will include all sources and even all highlights and snippets.
  • You can also delete projects from the list on Claro Writing Helper’s welcome screen.
  • The ‘Structure’ tab now loads with a larger default structure with six elements instead of just two, so that students can go straight to their research in the ‘Sources’ tab and have a number of highlighters available to them from the start, allowing them to do research before structuring their work.
Outline your essay
  • The insertion of any snippet from a source will now automatically be cited in the Word document upon publishing. This will ensure that students don’t accidentally copy from a source, reword that content, then fail to cite where it came from. Removing this risk of ‘patchwork plagiarism’ is a great benefit we will see in Version 2.
  • New, cleaner layout for the Question tab.
Question tab
  • You can now manage your files directly in Documents through File Explorer.
  • Other quality of life and visual improvements, as well as minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 released 18 January 2021.

  • Minor fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 released 2 December 2020.

  • Highlighting across two pages in Sources are now captured more efficiently, along with other minor improvements to highlighting
  • Tabs and projects load faster in the background
  • For ease of use, adding essay elements in the Review tab (Sections, Subsections, Tasks or Custom Snippets) now automatically highlights the text for editing
  • Improved scrolling performance in Structure and Snippets Added improved support for non-English characters
  • Various other minor fixes and optimisations

Version 1

Version 1 released 6 August 2020. Blog Post: Claro Writing Helper Release


  • Review the essay question, understand the ‘instructional verb’ in your question, and brainstorm.
  • Structure the essay into sections and add some writing tasks or reminders of things to do.
  • Open files or websites and highlight important sections, and search for keywords.
  • Slot these highlights and keywords right into your essay.
  • Reword each highlight or snippet, or mark them as direct quotes.
  • Manage all your citations to make complete and accurate bibliographies.
  • See what your essay will look like as a Word documents and fix any issues within Claro Writing Helper.
  • See a healthcheck on the whole essay, with links directly to where you can go to fix issues.
  • Publish to Word, with complete navigation and a full bibliography.


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