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ClaroCom iOS Version 1.5.1 released January 2022

Aaron McGranaghan Product Manager & Developer
Aaron McGranaghan

Version 2

Under development.

New features & improvements

  • Improved voice range
    • Access all iOS system voices, including multiple regions and genders for all supported languages.
    • Adds a new range of higher-quality voices available in many different languages, available as optional in-app purchases.
      • Includes children’s voices.
    • Adds support for CereProc voices.
    • ClaroCom no longer includes any high-quality voice by default.  Instead the user now has the option to download any two of their own choice.
  • Automatic syncing of your phrases and categories.
    • All of your phrases and categories will be automatically synced to your iCloud, providing seamless integration across all of your devices.
    • Simplifies the backup and restore process so you can always have access to your phrases.
  • Modernised UI
    • Supports fullscreen displays.
    • Supports dark mode.
    • UI tweaks.
  • Improved speak audio routing on iPhone.
    • The ClaroCom app should now be louder on iPhones.
  • Usability tweaks
    • The speech button is more accessible and distinct on iPhone.
    • Button visibility improvements.
    • New buttons to quickly show fullscreen messages, available in the share menu.

Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 released 26 January 2022.

New features and improvements

  • Fixes some UI issues on new devices.

Version 1.4.48

Version 1.4.48 released 11 June 2021 and was a minor update with no changes, but added support for newer iOS devices.

Version 1.4.0

Version 1.4 released 27 April 2017. Blog Post: ClaroCom V1.4 Released

  • Link & chat to iOS device (Pro only): This update adds the ability to connect your device to any other device that is also using ClaroCom. You can then chat between the devices using the text that you type or words or phrases that you select. This feature requires bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Added support for split screen on iPads.
  • New app icons and Speak button icons.

Bug fixes

  • Added some missing text localisations.

System Requirements

  • Minimum version of iOS 8.

Version 1

Version 1.3 released 11 October 2014

  • New range of Vocalizer Expressive and Acapela voices available to purchase in-app
  • Bug fixes

Version 1

Version 1.2 released 14 August 2014

  • Now works fully with ÌOS8.
  • Press and hold on a category to Airdrop to another device (Airdrop compatible devices only).
  • Open a text file in ClaroCom Pro and it will automatically add it as a new category. The text file should contain one phrase per line in order to import correctly.
  • Added ÌOS7 system voices to the voice selection list for a greater selection of accents.
  • “Send to” button now uses the ¡OS7 default export menu which includes Airdrop.
  • You can now open text files with ClaroCom.

Version 1

Version 1.1 released 25 December 2013

  • Full screen mode – provides a clean full screen typing are, with the word and phrase predictions shown above the iPad or iPhone keyboard.
  • iOS 7 update.

Version 1

Version 1 released 15 March 2013.
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Initial release.

More Information

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