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ClaroIdeas Windows Version 3 released May 2020

Liam StockwellLead Developer
Liam Stockwell
Stuart Marsden Product Manager
Stuart Marsden

ClaroIdeas 3

Version 3.0.26 released May 2020 . Blog Post: ClaroIdeas Windows V3 Release

  • Audio notes and links show up on idea nodes. ClaroIdeas helps people work without using too much text, and audio notes are great for this – you can record them straight into your Idea map. Idea nodes can also link to webpages. Now these notes and links show up more clearly in the Ideas map so you can see at a glance where they are and select them quicker and more easily. You can also play the audio or follow the link just by clicking, saving you time and concentration – just see and click and go!
  • Your Ideas maps are now compatible with ClaroIdeas Web, ClaroIdeas Mac and ClaroIdeas Chromebook, so you can swap maps from one to another.
  • The symbols available with ClaroIdeas now come as an optional extra for ClaroRead Pro users, creating a smaller and lighter installer.

ClaroIdeas 2

Version 2.5.5 released November 2017

  • Audio notes are exported from ClaroCapture
  • Fixed bugs from node/link dragging

Version 2.5.2 released October 2017

  • Fixed bugs with Undo.
  • Idea nodes now resize automatically when you type into them.
  • Audio files are saved inside ClaroIdeas CID project files.

Version 2.1 released 18 November 2011

New Features

  • When recording audio notes you can now pause the recording.

Bug Fixes

  • When drawing a map starting from the centre of the screen, the map used to snap back to the top left of the screen, this is fixed in V2.1.
  • When drawing a map in “Centred” map layout mode, the map used used arrange the child nodes in an anti-clockwise order, in V2.1 they are now arranged clockwise.

Version 2.0 released

New Features

  • USB version available
  • Outline View: view a list representation of your idea map.
  • View tab in the ribbon: allowing you to choose the zoom factor, which left and right panes are showing and select the map view (map or outline).
  • Free form layout: allowing you to create an idea map without it snapping into a layout such as centred, left to right, etc.
  • Map view and zoom buttons available in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Line Width: in the Layout drop down menu you can now select the line width of the links and idea edges.
  • Next / Previous Idea Notes buttons: allowing you to cycle through all the ideas and their notes in your map.
  • Import from ClaroCapture: allowing you to import a ClaroCapture project file (.ccp) straight into an idea map.
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Focus on Outline Overview = Ctrl + F2
    • Focus on Folder View = Ctrl + F3
    • Focus on Autocreate = Ctrl + F4
    • Focus on Idea Notes = Ctrl + F5
    • Focus on Context Help = Ctrl + F6


  • Create multi-line idea labels using Shift+Enter
  • Pause button allowing you to pause playback of audio notes.


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