ClaroIdeas V2 Release Notes

Last version 2.5.5, October 2017.

ClaroIdeas 2.5.5, November 2017

  • Audio notes are exported from ClaroCapture
  • Fixed bugs from node/link dragging

ClaroIdeas 2.5.2, October 2017

  • Fixed bugs with Undo.
  • Idea nodes now resize automatically when you type into them.
  • Audio files are saved inside ClaroIdeas CID project files.

ClaroIdeas 2.1, 18 November 2011

New Features

  • When recording audio notes you can now pause the recording.

Bug Fixes

  • When drawing a map starting from the centre of the screen, the map used to snap back to the top left of the screen, this is fixed in V2.1.
  • When drawing a map in “Centred” map layout mode, the map used used arrange the child nodes in an anti-clockwise order, in V2.1 they are now arranged clockwise.
    • ClaroIdeas 2.0

      New Features

      • USB version available
      • Outline View: view a list representation of your idea map.
      • View tab in the ribbon: allowing you to choose the zoom factor, which left and right panes are showing and select the map view (map or outline).
      • Free form layout: allowing you to create an idea map without it snapping into a layout such as centred, left to right, etc.
      • Map view and zoom buttons available in the bottom right corner of the screen
      • Line Width: in the Layout drop down menu you can now select the line width of the links and idea edges.
      • Next / Previous Idea Notes buttons: allowing you to cycle through all the ideas and their notes in your map.
      • Import from ClaroCapture: allowing you to import a ClaroCapture project file (.ccp) straight into an idea map.
      • New keyboard shortcuts:
        • Focus on Outline Overview = Ctrl + F2
        • Focus on Folder View = Ctrl + F3
        • Focus on Autocreate = Ctrl + F4
        • Focus on Idea Notes = Ctrl + F5
        • Focus on Context Help = Ctrl + F6


      • Create multi-line idea labels using Shift+Enter
      • Pause button allowing you to pause playback of audio notes.