ClaroIdeas Web Release Notes

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ClaroIdeas Web Version 1 released October 2018

Juan Ferrer Lead Developer
Juan Ferrer
Alasdair KingProduct Manager
Alasdair King

Version 1.1

In development

  • Improve background image loading and zooming
  • Fix hide/show children button not rotating with node
  • Fix horizontal lines in tree layout

Version 1

Version 1 released 7 July 2018. Blog Post: ClaroIdeas can now be used on Chrome, Web and Mac

  • Save and load .cid files (compatible with ClaroIdeas Windows, Chromebook and Mac)
  • Rich text support on ideas notes
  • Add hyperlinks as clickable floating nodes
  • Map view in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Change colour and shape of nodes and links on the respective ribbon tabs
  • Add images or links to nodes in the Node tab in the ribbon
  • Set the layout on the Diagram tab in the ribbon
  • View tab in the ribbon allowing you to choose the zoom factor
  • Export maps to DOCX


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