October 2017

New features

  • Multiple documents
    • You can now open multiple documents in ClaroPDF.
    • Other documents are opened in a new tab and you can quickly switch between documents, for faster reading and annotating.
  • Photo to PDF
    • Now supports multiple images when choosing to create a PDF from your camera or photo library.
    • You can now also choose to add your created PDF pages to your current PDF.
    • Supports drag and drop of images into the ClaroPDF app. (Requires iOS 11 and an iPad that supports multitasking).
  • Delete PDF pages
    • You can delete PDF pages in the thumbnail view, by tapping the Edit tab and selecting pages to delete.
  • Acapela kids voices
    • A range of Acapela kids voices are available in 8 different language accents to download as in-app purchases.
  • Quick-look settings
    • The document settings have been moved and are now more easily accessible from a button on the bottom toolbar.
    • This makes it easier and quicker to change your document settings. You can also instantly see your new settings being applied, without having to navigate back through the settings menus.
  • New document setting: Scroll mode
    • You can now choose how the document is scrolled
      • Per page – this is standard page scrolling.
      • Continuous – scrolling is continuous and there are no page breaks.


  • Improved Autoscroll
    • Autoscroll no longer scrolls horizontally so all the speaking content should remain visible on screen.
    • Autoscroll now respects your zoom level.
  • Better support for RTF files
    • Supports importing of RTF files and saving as PDF.
    • Improves workflow between ClaroSpeak and ClaroPDF.
  • CereProc voices should be available and working again.
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Minimum iOS version 9

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