ClaroPDF Windows Release Notes

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ClaroPDF Windows Version 1 released October 2018.

Nathan DewhurstLead Developer
Nathan Dewhurst
Alasdair King Product Manager
Alasdair King

Version 2

Version 2 Under Development

  • Create your own highlighting and typewriter annotations.
    • Three highlighting colours – yellow, green and blue.
    • Cursor shows the selected colour while highlighting.
    • Change the colour of highlight annotations.
    • Select and delete highlight annotations.
    • Capture highlights with ClaroCapture.
  • Find text – navigate through your document looking for the words you are interested in.

Version 1

Version 1 released 1 October 2018


  • Displays PDF files.
  • Allows PDF printing.
  • Allows reading with highlighting.
  • Click to indicate where to start reading.
  • Allows changing of highlight colour.
  • See highlighting and typewriter annotations made in Adobe Reader.
  • Print PDF’s.
  • View bookmarks
  • View PDF thumbnails