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  • ClaroPDF iOS – How to Videos - Video tutorials of how to use different features in ClaroPDF for iOS.
  • ClaroPDF iOS Release Notes - Version 4 Under development New features & improvements Updated PDF SDK Version 3 ClaroPDF iOS Version 3 released January 2020. Blog Post: ClaroPDF iOS V3 Release
  • How to automate your ClaroRead Cloud logins for iOS using an MDM - Download a PDF version of this article here. If you have a ClaroRead Pro or app-specific licence key in your ClaroRead Cloud account, you can login in our iOS apps and activate or unlock the app. You can login by tapping the login button and entering your ClaroRead Cloud username […]
  • Unlocking iPad and iPhone Apps with ClaroRead - Download and print the PDF version of this guide here: Unlocking iPad and iPhone Apps with ClaroRead. You will be given a ClaroRead licence key. With this key, you need to do the following:
  • Improve iOS System Voice Quality - Our iOS apps (ClaroSpeak, ClaroCom and ClaroPDF) allow you to use any iOS system voices (from iOS 7 onwards). There are a number of voices to choose from: By default, a lower-quality version of the voice is installed on your device. It is possible to download the enhanced versions of […]
  • Locating crash logs on your iOS device - If you have one of our iOS apps which crashes and we cannot replicate it, we will ask you to send us your crash log to see if this provides us with more information. There are a couple of ways of locating a crash log: