ClaroRead 6.5 Release Notes – Claro Software Support

ClaroRead 6.5 for Windows PC was released 28 April 2014.

New and improved features

  • Much faster screen scanning and capture (Plus and Pro versions).
  • Improved support for newer scanners (Plus and Pro versions).
  • Improved PDF reading (start position and scrolling).
  • “Stop after sentence” now works in Adobe Reader as well as Microsoft Word.
  • Added Swedish and French phonetic prediction.
  • BookReader and Claro AudioNote now appear in the Extras menu if installed.
  • Faster scanning when preview and proofing turned off.

Known Issues

  • The authenticated version will ask for the key to be entered during installation even when installing over a previously activated version.
  • Homophones which only differ in case (e.g. “March”, “march”) cannot be added to the homophone list using the Advanced Settings Editor.
  • If there are two or more PDF files?open in Internet Explorer, only the first one will read and highlight.
  • Muting the USB version of ClaroRead causes any audio files produced whilst muted to be silent.


  • ClaroRead Plus and ClaroRead Pro require both the Visual Studio 2005 (C++ 8.0) and Visual Studio 2010 (C++ 10.0) runtimes. Microsoft Downloads


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