ClaroRead 7.1.21 (with Scan2Text 5.2.5 and Access2Text 1.1.3, Advanced Settings Editor 3.2.6). Released August 2016.

This release adds scan features to ClaroRead Standard and SE, makes every ClaroRead run more smoothly and cleanly, and improves installation and licensing. You can update by downloading ClaroRead 7.1 from ClaroRead Cloud.

New features

  • ClaroRead 7.1 introduces scan-from-screen from the toolbar into ClaroRead SE and ClaroRead Standard. This was previously restricted to ClaroRead Plus and Pro. Install the optional ScanScreen component and a Scan button will appear on your toolbar, and you can capture text from the screen directly.
  • There is now a “Get more voices” option in the voice choice dropdown in Settings if Claro Voice Setup is installed. Selecting this will launch Claro Voice Setup and let you install any of our eighty Vocalizer voices. This applies to keyed versions of ClaroRead only.
  • You can now launch Scan from Screen with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S.
  • If you open an S2T Scanning file in ClaroRead Pro and have Preview turned off it will open directly in Proofing without repeating OCR, so your Proofing changes are retained. This lets you work in Proofing, output your changes, check it, and return to Proofing to work on the file again.

Technical changes

  • PDF output quality has been adjusted considerably to reduce output file size without significant quality changes.
  • Selected text and text from scan-from-screen speaks more naturally.
  • Fixed bugs with highlighting and starting/stopping reading in Microsoft Word
  • Fixed RealSpeak voices not playing in Internet Explorer.
  • RealSpeak voices in the same language (e.g. British English) all now share pronunciations. Useful for USB stick versions using RealSpeak.
  • Fixed launching the scanner wizard with the correct OCR language.
  • More ways to license ClaroRead with a key (of use to system administrators):
    • Can now call ClaroRead.exe with a “-register” commandline and it will silently do online key registration and setup I18N config.ini values on roaming profile for other Claro products to use.
    • Can now call ClaroRead.exe with “-register:kjhkjh-2323-ffewf-23423-sdff” to register the licencekey provided silently.
    • Can now write a registry key, HKLM\Software\Claro Software\, value REG_SZ LicenceKey, and this will be used to register ClaroRead. A key provided in michelle.ini will be used in preference.
    • Can now call ClaroRead.exe with the path to a .clky file containing licence key. .clky files are registered with ClaroRead so you can simply double-click on a .clky file.
  • Other changes to licencing system:
    • No longer automatically opens Cloud website when registering with a key.
    • Calls Claro Voice Setup if a demo voice is installed when you unlock your demo with a key.
    • Fixed licence dialog not showing all text in messages for non-English languages.
  • Improved definition for “it’s”.
  • Improved ClaroRead performance on High-DPI systems: locking to window scales with DPI so no longer attaches to windows that are just too narrow, highlighting in Adobe Reader is correctly placed, the toolbar is still a good size, and the settings form is correctly laid out.
  • Prediction dictionaries no longer need to be duplicated: fr-ca will use all fr dictionaries too. This saves about 200MB on installation.
    • Users can now export all prediction dictionaries.
  • If the user presses a key during speak-on-mouse-select then speak-on-mouse-select is cancelled, so the user’s selection is preserved.
  • There is no longer a shortcut to Restore Settings. You can still find it in the program folder.
  • Scan2Text and Access2Text now correctly log events in System Event Log.

Known issues

  • ClaroRead is not compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP). This is only usually a problem on Windows Server, and can be quickly resolved by excluding it from DEP in Control Panel.
  • PDF files saved from ClaroRead cannot be automatically opened in Acrobat Reader DC unless you turn off Protected Mode in Acrobat Reader DC. ClaroRead no longer defaults to “view result” to help with this scenario.