ClaroRead 7.3.7 released 19 February 2018.

New Features

  • ClaroRead 7.3 features an updated OmniPage scanning/OCR engine. This provides even better document conversion and paper scanning – faster, more reliable and more accurate.
    • You can also convert Kurzweil KESI files to PDF or Word.
    • ClaroRead 7.3 now saves as the highly-compatible PDF/A format by default.
    • Scan-from-screen is faster and speaks better.
  • Support for Windows Media Speech voices (Windows 10 Mobile voices). Only per-sentence highlighting is supported, and you cannot change the speed of the voices. But the free Windows Mobile voices on Windows 10 can now be used for reading Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader PDF and other applications: these include high-quality English, Arabic, Swedish and other voices.
    • You can only save audio files from Windows Media Speech voices as a WAVE .wav file.
  • Non-English users will find translations of English words are shown in the spellcheck dialog when they are selected, unless they are Swedish, in which case they must have Claro Stava installed as well.
  • Syllabification for English words is also shown on the definition pop-up dictionary as well as a definition. This can help learners.
  • The ClaroRead Chrome extension is automatically installed when you install ClaroRead so you get reading with highlighting and other useful features in Chrome. You can also use your ClaroRead licence key to upgrade ClaroRead Chrome to ClaroRead Chrome Premium to get Scan from Screen and other features on your PC and other machines.
    • This applies to the licence key version only, and none of the Swedish versions.

Changes and improvements

  • Fixed PDF reading in Adobe Reader DC 2018.009.20050
  • Significantly improved PDF reading in all versions of Adobe Reader.
  • Toolbar now defaults to floating (with a title bar) instead of locking to the current window.
  • Toolbar now provides more space for the control box of windows when locking.
  • You can now prevent the installation of the scan-from-screen component by setting the ScanFromScreen feature state in Windows Installer (ClaroRead Plus and Pro only – for ClaroRead SE and Standard, simply do or do not install the optional ScanFromScreen MSI file).
  • The desktop shortcut is now an installation choice.
  • Fixed CTRL + Hover not recognising non-English characters.
  • Removed the Internet Explorer Font and Spacing options.
  • Improved homophone entries.
  • Very common words like “we’re”, and “in”, “to”, “have” are no longer flagged as homophones by default because you almost certainly spelled/used them correctly. “There” is still shown, because of the high frequency of “they’re” and “their”.
  • Fixed CTRL + Hover interfering with holding Control and clicking Play to trigger Play On.
  • Minor improvements to thesaurus if on a machine without Microsoft Word.
  • Now ships with .pdb file to improve technical support resolution.
  • Batch Audio Converter now appears in the Extras menu.
  • “Stava” is added to the splash screen and Settings to indicate the Swedish Claro Stava product is installed.
  • (Multi-language versions) The selected flag is outlined in Settings so you know what the current selection is.
  • Licence keys are saved between installations, so when you upgrade the licence key box is pre-populated with the old licence key. This only works from 7.3.7 onwards.