ClaroRead and AppV

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AppV is a way to deploy applications so that they are isolated from the rest of the system. This helps system administrators to manage their networks: they do not have to worry about operating system version, or Internet Explorer version, or many rights issues. It is also useful for older software.

Applications using AppV are running in their own Virtual Machine – another whole copy of Windows. That’s fine for standalone applications, where the user works with the application, like ClaroIdeas or Microsoft Word. But it does not work well with ClaroRead, which is designed to work with other applications – reading text in Word or Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader, for example. If you run ClaroRead with AppV then ClaroRead cannot access these other applications – it is running in another copy of Windows. This is by design: ClaroRead has been isolated from the rest of the system. But it means that it will install and run correctly, but it will not read other applications like it should, and only the default Windows voices will be available.

You should instead look at alternative Claro products:

  • ClaroRead Cloud – our web-based scanning and speech solution, providing support through the browser with no installation.
  • Claro BookReader – read PDF files aloud.

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.