ClaroRead and PDF security settings

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When saving a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat it is possible to specify a variety of security settings. These can interfere with the ability of ClaroRead to read from the PDF. It can also prevent ClaroRead (and Scan2Text) from scanning from the PDF. Below are details of how security settings affect ClaroRead and how to save a document in Adobe Acrobat so that it can be read and scanned by ClaroRead.

‘No security’

PDFs with no security can be both read and scanned by ClaroRead.

‘Require a password to open document’

02 - password to open

When ‘Require a password to open’ is set the end user will only be able to read or scan the PDF if they know the file open password.

‘Permissions – Restrict editing and printing of the document..’

03 - permissions settings - default

Documents saved with these settings can be read but not be scanned with ClaroRead unless the end user knows the permissions password.

To be able to use ClaroRead to scan documents when the document has a ‘permissions’ password the following settings need to be set:

06 - permissions settings

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.