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  • ClaroRead Mac vs ClaroRead PC - ClaroRead for Mac has the same core features as ClaroRead for Windows – speech, scanning/OCR, spellcheck, screen tinting, word prediction – but a slightly smaller feature set. These are generally less-used features, for the obvious reason that if they were popular we would have built them into ClaroRead for Mac […]
  • ClaroRead Mac Release Notes - ClaroRead Mac Version 7.2 released September 2019
  • Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina - Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina is going to be released in October 2019. With it comes additional security features ensuring you know exactly what the software on your computer has access to.
  • ClaroRead Mac toolbar does not reappear after minimising - If you minimise the ClaroRead toolbar, then click on the ClaroRead icon in the Dock and the toolbar doesn’t reappear, read below for instructions on how to fix this. This is also related to ScreenRuler working on multiple monitors.
  • Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave - Using ClaroRead for Mac on macOS Mojave.
  • Mac Support Downloads - Restore Settings (6.5 MB) Allows you to to restore the settings of any Claro Software Mac application. Claro Mac Voice Downloader (12.4 MB) Allows you to install selected Claro Vocalizer Embedded Mac voices (used in ClaroRead Mac 7.2 onwards). These voices will ONLY work with ClaroRead or WordRead Plus. Claro […]
  • MacOS and 32-bit Apps - From 14th April 2018, Apple will begin issuing an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4.
  • Mac System Voices - You can use any of the Mac system voices with ClaroRead for Mac. There are many extra voices to download and use.
  • ClaroRead Mac can’t be opened after download - When you try to install ClaroRead for Mac (or any other Claro Mac apps) on your Mac, you may see the error message “ClaroRead for Mac” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed when you try to run it.
  • ClaroRead Mac spellcheck in Microsoft Word 2011 - Symptom When spell checking in Word 2011, selecting a word from the list of suggestions and clicking change does not update Word with the new spelling but just moves onto the next spelling error.