ClaroRead Pro Release Notes

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Alasdair King, 2011

What’s new in ClaroRead Pro

ClaroRead Pro is a natural extension of our ClaroRead Plus toolbar and scanning program that allows you to do more with scanning and PDF files. PDF files are key to many people, from course materials to eBooks. And scanning is very important to create accessible formats and access otherwise inaccessible documents for yourself or for clients or students.

PDF Reading

You have always been able to read PDF files with ClaroRead by simply selecting with the mouse. However, we’ve now extended this functionality so that, just like Word, you can click in a PDF document and play and read back the whole PDF document with highlighting, allowing you to follow the document easily. Secure documents are supported so copy-protected eBooks and documents will all read successfully.

Scanning Proofing

Many people like the fast convenience of simply scanning documents straight into Word and reading them back, so successful in ClaroRead Plus. But sometimes you need a little more accuracy, especially when your documents have lots of technical jargon or names that won-t be recognised consistently. ClaroRead Pro gives you access to a powerful Proofing process that allows you to train for unfamiliar characters (like Greek symbols in equations), create a user-customised dictionary (like technical words or places or names), spellcheck and verify every word in case of scanning error from a poor-quality paper source, support PDF forms, and redact and edit content then and there with the original image available to you for comparison.

Powerful Scanning Output

ClaroRead Pro offers you a huge range of output options for your scanned document, including:

  • Accessible tagged PDF files with the original document image. Couple the exact picture of the original scan with the accessible, tagged content behind it. Make inaccessible PDF files accessible, or scan from books and have both original layout and formatting and also the right text content to read back.
  • Secure PDF files so you can create accessible eBooks, teaching materials and any other document while still retaining accessibility.
  • Word, Text, Image and other formats easily and quickly.

Send to iTunes

iTunes is the dominant media player so we wanted to make it easier for users to get their audio files, created by ClaroRead Pro, into iTunes rather than having to manually import and organise them. The new Send to iTunes option lets you provide album, artist and title information, then automatically adds the output as MP3, AAC or WAV to iTunes in your playlists so you can easily sort and access your text-to-audio content.


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