New Features

  • New voice selection. ClaroRead now installs:
    • RealSpeak British English Daniel
    • RealSpeak British English Serena
    • RealSpeak Indian English Sangeeta
    • RealSpeak Irish Moira
    • RealSpeak Scottish Fiona
    • RealSpeak American Tom
    • RealSpeak Australian Lee
    • RealSpeak Australian Karen
    • CereProc Scottish Heather (Plus only)
  • Support for speech in OpenOffice 2.4 and 3.0. Supported: highlighting by word, word trail, sentence or paragraph; background while highlighting. Not supported: focus sentence, homophone and spell check.
  • If run with “-silent” in the command line then runs with the toolbar hidden and no splash screen.
  • New shortcut key Ctrl+F12 sets focus on the ClaroRead toolbar. Useful with Ctrl+Q to close the application or using shortcut keys.
  • (WordRead Plus only) Clears clipboard when exiting.
  • Echo sentence/word/character and prediction now support dead keys and keyboards that are not the same language as the system non-Unicode locale. Non-ASCII characters are now correctly processed.
  • Speaking the calculator adds the text to the clipboard, so you can hear the result again by pressing Play.


  • You can now still play and highlight while ClaroRead is muted.
  • Fixed reading in IE not highlighting and hanging ClaroRead.
  • Fixed Stava Rex and SpellRight text not being able to be spoken by highlighting.
  • Fixed PageUp and PageDown in spellcheck switching between tabs.
  • New keyhook system fixes keyhooking working in Internet Explorer 8 (shortcut keys)
  • Fixed prediction window showing with invalid suggestions.
  • Fixed ClaroRead toolbar docking to top of screen and not displaying all buttons.
  • Fixed Help crashing ClaroRead.
  • Fixed spelling contenders not being added to Advanced Settings Editor.
  • Fixed ClaroRead toolbar being hidden when opening ClaroRead or Advanced Settings Editor or closing Settings dialog.
  • Improved speak-under-mouse function to get more text.
  • Changing the scanned zones in mulitiple page scans now retains the changes through to the result document.

Recommendations for System Builders

  • Scanning: please ensure the Scanner Setup Wizard has been run on each computer to configure the customer’s scanner with ClaroRead. You will be shown a selection of scanner drivers to use, the advised scanner driver to use is the TWAIN driver. A couple of exceptions we know of are:
    • Plustek Opticbook 3600 Book Scanner: use the WIA driver instead.
    • Dell 928 Printer/Scanner/Copier: use the WIA driver instead.