22 August 2011

New Features

  • (UK Build only) New voice selection. ClaroRead (Plus and Standard) now installs:
    • RealSpeak British English Daniel
    • RealSpeak British English Serena
    • RealSpeak Indian English Sangeeta
    • RealSpeak Irish Moira
    • RealSpeak Scottish Fiona
    • RealSpeak American Tom
    • RealSpeak Australian Lee
    • RealSpeak Australian Karen
  • (English and Swedish only) Speaking Dictionary – get a definition tooltip when you hold control and hover the mouse over a word. Turned on and off by checkbox in the Check tab. Shows English dictionary definitions (WordWeb), and has Google lookup button. Doesn?t disappear when you mouse away, you have to close it ? makes it simpler to keep it on the screen and you can then point at words within the definitions window. You can make it always visible (like the prediction window) with another checkbox on the Check tab. Multiple language support if dictionary is provided by partner or other source.
  • Spellcheck Anywhere. Requires Microsoft Word. Select some text ? not in Word ? and click the Check button. Will let you spellcheck any text you can select, but can only replace/correct text if you can paste. The corrected text is left in the clipboard if you want to get it back. All your ClaroRead spelling customisations apply as normal.
  • The Advanced Settings Editor lets you back up your settings and restore them. Use the buttons on the General tab. This is helpful for people moving machines or wanting to back up or distribute prediction dictionaries.
  • The new update mechanism, ClaroUp, will check for updates every seven days when ClaroRead is started up. It can also be launched manually from the Advanced Settings Editor, General tab. Automatic checking for updates will not be performed if the user is not an administrator (and hence could do nothing about it) or the ?automatically check? checkbox in ClaroUp is unchecked. Patches and full installers for all installed Claro Software can be downloaded and installed. ClaroUp will update itself invisibly if required. Updates can be performed while ClaroUp is running, but other Claro programmes should be closed. Contact Claro Support for network support. ClaroUp will be rolled out across all Claro products in 2010.
  • “Next word prediction” now learns from what you type in Word as well as when you use the Prediction Training mechanisms in Advanced Settings Editor.
  • The Prediction Training mechanism in the Advanced Settings Editor is (1) much faster and (2) includes word counts, the ability to rename and delete prediction dictionaries, to export word lists, and to turn off spellcheck when adding words.
  • Homophone checking word-by-word can now do the entire document with good performance. So you can highlight homophones throughout a multi-paragraph range and then start checking and go through all of them, rather than having to restart at each paragraph break.
  • Updated Scan2Text Omnipage engine to 16.3 from 16.2 (16.3 is the same engine as what’s in the Omnipage 17 retail product) for greater accuracy and reliability.


  • Double right-clicking on the start menu icon will close ClaroRead, even if the toolbar has hung because of a non-responsive SAPI or Windows problem.
  • Undock button when docked to top of screen makes it easier to control toolbar position.
  • Prediction is much faster to operate, better able to keep up with typing.
  • Lots of shortcut keys have been provided to allow for Dragon scripting in the future.
  • The ?speak under mouse? function has been upgraded to be more reliable and work more speedily.
  • ClaroRead shouldn?t hang when Office (Word, Excel) hangs.
  • New low-level mouse hook should work in IE8.
  • Calculator on 64-bit machines correctly echoes, and Calculator now works with hex and the ?=? key on the main keyboard.
  • Extra definitions shown in the Spellcheck dialogue are now English-variety-specific (e.g. UK English definitions, not US English definitions, are shown in UK installs)
  • More symbols are shown for English words in the Spellcheck dialogue (e.g. ?running? gives ?run?).
  • You can now dock the toolbar to the top of the screen in Windows 7.
  • The prediction window now works on multiple monitors.
  • Fixed too-long installation paths preventing installation on some machines.
  • Splash screen no longer looks like it has hung while loading.
  • When using ?speak when mouse selects? you will no longer hear so many ?dong? error sounds, nor will lists change focus to whatever starts with C.
  • Duplicate words in Word when Spellcheck are identified and corrected correctly.
  • Your pronunciation dictionary is used when you save to audio, not just when you speak.
  • Fixed duplicate spelling corrections being added to the Spelling tab in the Advanced Settings Editor.
  • New keyboard system supports key action (e.g. echoing typing, cursoring) in IE8.
  • Fixed broken SAPI4 voices preventing ClaroRead from starting up.
  • Fixed font sizing/spacing in IE only working once.
  • Fixed prediction not appearing when sorted alphabetically and <5 words predicted.
  • Right-clicking the prediction window is now independent of the Always Visible checkbox in ASE.
  • Fixed cursoring in Excel not working unless you change focus away from Excel and back.

Recommendations for System Builders

  • Scanning: please ensure the Scanner Setup Wizard has been run on each computer to configure the customer?s scanner with ClaroRead. You will be shown a selection of scanner drivers to use, the advised scanner driver to use is the TWAIN driver. A couple of exceptions we know of are:
    • Plustek Opticbook 3600 Book Scanner: use the WIA driver instead.
    • Dell 928 Printer/Scanner/Copier: use the WIA driver instead.