22 August 2011

New Features

  • These are maintenance patches only.


  • Support for the Dragon echo feature for Dragon 11.
  • Speech now works with some unusual hardware configurations.
  • Personal spelling corrections are shown correctly in spellcheck.
  • You can spellcheck only a word if that is selected.
  • New shortcut commands have been added for scripting and Dragon support.
  • Fixed the occasional “Word Error” message in Word.
  • Scanning from paper will always go into the currently-opened Word document, and you will always be able to read it without restarting ClaroRead.
  • The Ignore All homophones button always works.
  • If you click on a word in the definitions tooltip then it becomes the subject of the tooltip. This lets you quickly look up multiple words.
  • Pressing Play in Internet Explorer starts speaking faster.
  • Capitalisation and prediction for non-English languages improved.
  • Support for Microsoft Word Starter Edition (select and speak only, no highlighting).
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Scanning progress bar is more accurate, scanning faster and more responsive.