Version 1.0.5

January 2019

Initial release – a Microsoft Word Add-in version of ClaroRead with text-to-speech playback and speak-on-select.

Supported platforms:

  • Word for Windows (2016 or later) (Uses our text-to-speech voice server).
  • Word for Mac (2016 or later) (Uses installed voices).
  • Word for iPad (Uses installed voices).
  • Word Online (Uses the Web Speech API).


  • Playback controls (play and stop).
    • Play text-to-speech audio for the current sentence.
      • Automatically progress and begin the next sentence on audio end.
      • Highlight the current sentence.
      • Move caret to the beginning of the current sentence.
    • Stop audio playback.
  • Voice selection.
    • Select from a list of available voices.
  • Colour selection.
    • Select the current sentence highlight colour.
  • Speak-on-select.
    • Enable or disable with a toggle button.
    • Select a section of text to begin text-to-speech playback.