ClaroSpeak FAQs

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1. What gestures can I use in ClaroSpeak?

  • Pinch over the text area to increase/decrease font size
  • Tap the top toolbar while playing = Stop
  • Shake device = Clear text
  • In normal view mode:
    • Swipe from left to right = Play
  • In paged view mode:
    • Swipe from left to right over the page toolbar = Play
    • Swipe from left to right = previous page
    • Swipe from right to left = next page
    • Swipe from right to left with two fingers (if you have a PDF file open) = show original PDF file
    • Swipe from left to right with two fingers (if you have a PDF file open) = hide original PDF file

2. What languages does ClaroSpeak support?

Different versions of ClaroSpeak contain different high-quality voices, it depends on the version you buy from the App Store. You can see the included voices in the product listing in the App Store before you buy. Additional voices are available to purchase from the in-app store. If you need to read texts in different languages, you will need the corresponding voices in order for the text to be read out correctly (for example, you need a Greek voice to read Greek text.)

3. Speech sometimes goes out of sync with the highlighting?

Some text will sometimes cause the highlighting to get confused ? for example, foreign characters or mathematical symbols. Stopping and starting speech will fix things, or switching from word highlighting to sentence highlighting.

4. How do I load files into ClaroSpeak from my PC or Mac using iTunes?

File Sharing lets you transfer files between the iPad or iPhone and your computer, via a USB cable (or wirelessly if setup) using iTunes. You can share files created with ClaroSpeak and saved in the supported format (.txt for Text and .wav for audio). Apps that support file sharing appear in the File Sharing Apps list in iTunes. For each app, the Files list shows the documents that are on the iPad or iPhone.

ClaroSpeak - File Transfer

Transfer a file from an iPad or iPhone to your computer:
In iTunes, go to your device?s Apps pane. In the File Sharing section, select ClaroSpeak from the list. On the right, select the file you want to transfer, then click ‘Save to’. You can also ‘drag and drop’ the files.
Transfer a file from your computer to an iPad or iPhone:
In iTunes, go to your device?s Apps pane. In the File Sharing section, select ClaroSpeak, then click ‘Add’. The file is immediately transferred to your device for use with the app you selected.
Delete a file from ClaroSpeak on the iPad or iPhone with iTunes:
In iTunes, go to your device?s Apps pane. Select ClaroSpeak, then select the file in the Files list in the File Sharing section of the Apps pane, then tap the ‘Delete’ key.

5. How do I change the voice and other settings for ClaroSpeak?

All the settings for ClaroSpeak are accessed by tapping on the Information icon and selecting ‘Settings’.

ClaroSpeak Settings Menu

6. Why can?t I open my email attachment in ClaroSpeak?

You must be online to open email attachments in ClaroSpeak.

7. How do I open an attachment to my email into ClaroSpeak?

The attachment will be displayed in the email. tap and hold on the file, a pop up window will appear, select ‘Open In..’ this will open another pop up window here you can select to open in ClaroSpeak. Next you will be prompted to select the text, click and hold, the text will be highlighted and a prompt will appear ‘Send to ClaroSpeak’. With PDFs and Pages documents you will have to copy the text first before sending the copied text to ClaroSpeak.

8. When importing a PDF I receive an error / I can’t select the text in a PDF

ClaroSpeak can only use accessible text, so text from a locked PDF document or text within an image can not be imported by ClaroSpeak.

9. How do I add a French or Spanish keyboard to my iPad or iPhone?

You will need to access the Settings from the home screen on your iPad or iPhone. Once in Settings select ‘General’ from the left. Once in General scroll down and select ‘Keyboard’, in the Keyboard settings select ‘International Keyboards’. Select ‘Add New Keyboard’ to choose the keyboard you wish to use.
Return to the iPad or iPhone home page and select ClaroSpeak tap in the work area, the keyboard will pop up to change the keyboard tap the ‘Globe’ icon to select your chosen keyboard.

10. What should I do if ClaroSpeak stops speaking?

If ClaroSpeak has stopped speaking you will need to close and restart the app. To close the app, return to the Home screen and then click the Home button twice. Tap and hold on the app icon. When the app starts to jiggle tap on the Close button to close it. Once done, click the Home button twice and re-open the app.

11. Pressing Play in ClaroSpeak highlights the text but I don’t hear anything

View this support article for the solution to this problem

12. What are the system requirements for ClaroSpeak?

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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