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Latest release: Version 5 released June 2020

Aaron McGranaghanProduct Manager & Developer
Aaron McGranaghan

Version 5

Version 5 released 23 June 2020. Blog Post: ClaroSpeak iOS 5 Release

New features & improvements

  • Major word prediction improvements.
    • Larger dictionaries, with more words.
    • Faster word lookups.
    • Added subject-specific word dictionaries.
    • Improved phonetic and homophone word prediction.
    • Word prediction now shows possible word corrections, e.g. type “skoo” and “school” will be predicted.
    • Prediction data is now also shared between ClaroSpeak and Claro Keyboard.
  • Adds letter sounds for character echo.
    • Supports English, Swedish, Norwegian and German.
  • Remembers last open document.

ClaroSpeak iOS Version 4 released September 2019

Version 4

Version 4.0.3 released 6 September 2019. Blog Post: New Features in ClaroSpeak for Your iPhone and iPad

New features & improvements

  • ClaroSpeak iOS 4 is now fully integrated with the iOS Files App.
    • Create new files and folders, rename files, copy files, move files and more, all directly from the Files app.
    • Open files directly in to ClaroSpeak by selecting them from any location in the Files App.
    • Now supports “open in place” so you can open a file directly in ClaroSpeak and edit it and your changes will automatically be synced and saved to the original file. You no longer need to manually import and export the file.
  • New Check feature – an advanced spelling and checking feature that helps you to improve and prove your typing in ClaroSpeak.
    • Picture lookup.
    • Mispelling suggestions
    • Homophone suggestions – alternative suggestions for homophone words.
  • Adds 6 new Acapela Kids voices available as optional add-ons.
    • French Elise
    • French Valentin
    • Norwegian Elias
    • Norwegian Emilie
    • Swedish Filip
    • Swedish Freja
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3

Version 3.1.76 released 10 October 2018.

What’s New

  • Fixed a bug with images not being saved to the Files app.
  • Improved the usability of images within ClaroSpeak.

Version 3

Version 3.1 released 5 July 2018.

What’s new in V3.1?

  • Direct integration with Microsoft OneDrive
    • Save to/open from OneDrive directly.

Version 3

Version 3 released 6 June 2017. Blog Post: ClaroSpeak iOS 3.0 Released

What’s new in V3.0?

  • New voices available
    • You can now access the higher quality iOS system voices, including male and female variants and the Siri voices, all for free.
    • A new range of Acapela kids voices are also available for purchase.
  • New font and colour options now accessible from the keyboard font button
    • This allows for quicker changing of these settings and allows you to see the changes in real time.
  • Drag and drop
    • You can now drag text and images to move them to a new location, or to another app.
  • Resize images
    • Inserted images can now be resized.  Tap and hold an image and you’ll get the options to make them smaller or larger.
  • Read webpages (Plus only) 
    • You can now read webpages in Safari and other browsers, using the “Read with ClaroSpeak” extension from the Share menu.  This lets you open a webpage and have the text read back with highlighting.
  • Auto document detection (Plus only)
    • Auto document detection has been added to the camera scree. This feature uses smart technology to detect document shapes in your camera and will automatically crop and deskew your photos to give you the best possible image to OCR.
  • New image filters (Plus only)
    • Image filters have been added to the image preview screen that can be used to configure your image to get the best possible OCR results.
  • Now supports Claro login (Free only)


  • Better integration with the iOS Files app
    • ClaroSpeak is now fully integrated with the Files app and you can access all of your ClaroSpeak files from the app.  Accessing the Files browser from within ClaroSpeak has also been streamlined.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 2

Version 2.6 released 7 January 2016.
Blog Post: ClaroSpeak V2.6 Released
Blog Post: ClaroSpeak V2.4 Released

New features

  • iCloud and Locations integration
    • You can now open and save files directly from your iCloud Drive and other locations on your device.
  • 4 free voices
    • The existing voices that came shipped with ClaroSpeak have been removed and you can now download 4 free voices in the language of your choice. This means you can get the exact voices in the languages that you need, to match your requirements.
  • App containers
    • ClaroSpeak can now share its documents with different versions, so Free, Standard and Plus versions of the app can all access the same documents
  • Settings cleanup
    • The settings menu has been streamlined and reorganised to make it easier to navigate. There is also a new speech rate slider that is more accurate and lets you select more precise values.
  •  Integrated with the Audio controls on the iOS control centre.
    • ClaroSpeak audio can now be controlled using the iOS controls on the control centre, allowing you quickly stop. play and skip through, without having to enter the app.
  • Support for Google Sign In
    • Full support for the new Google Authentication, so you can access Google Drive in the app.

Bug fixes

  • Added some missing text localisations.

Version 2

Version 2.0 released 13 September 2012.
Blog Post: ClaroSpeak V2 Out Now
Blog Post: ClaroSpeak V2 Now Speaks Your Language

  • Dropbox integration – Open files from and save files to Dropbox. Easily transfer files between any iOS device and computer, and open in ClaroSpeak to make them speak.
  • Voice store – Purchase additional voices – choose from 27 different languages and even more accents.
  • Typing echo – Set ClaroSpeak to echo back as each word and/or sentence is typed. Great for proofreading while writing.
  • Import more documents – Open PDF, doc, docx, pages, pptx, epub files in ClaroSpeak. ClaroSpeak will extract the text automatically – no more copy/pasting. When importing PDF files, the original PDF file is saved alongside ClaroSpeak?s text version so users can quickly flick between views while the text is being read back.
  • In-app settings – The settings are now accessed more easily from within the ClaroSpeak app.
  • Page-by-page viewing – Paged documents, like PDF, epub or pptx files, show each page, chapter or slide separately so they can be read as they were intended to be shown. Swipe left and right to view the previous/next page.
  • New OpenDyslexic font option.
  • Minor improvements to PDF importing.
  • Minor improvements to text file importing.

Version 1.0

Version 1 released 30 April 2012.
Blog Post: Introducing ClaroSpeak
Blog Post: ClaroSpeak – Free App Download For Assessors

Initial release.


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