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  • ClaroSpeak iOS V3.0 Release Notes - What’s new in V3.0? New voices available You can now access the higher quality iOS system voices, including male and female variants and the Siri voices, all for free. A new range of Acapela kids voices are also available for purchase. New font and colour options now accessible from the … Continue reading
  • Unlocking iOS Apps with ClaroRead Pro - Download and print the PDF version of this guide here: Unlocking iOS Apps with ClaroRead Pro. You will be given a ClaroRead Pro licence key. With this key, you need to do the following:
  • Rich Text File Formats in ClaroSpeak - In ClaroSpeak V2.5 onwards you can bold, italic, underline and add images to your document. If you decide to save, share or export your document, ClaroSpeak will use an RTF or RTFD file.
  • Improve iOS System Voice Quality - Our iOS apps (ClaroSpeak, ClaroCom and ClaroPDF) allow you to use any iOS system voices (from iOS 7 onwards). There are a number of voices to choose from: By default, a lower-quality version of the voice is installed on your device. It is possible to download the enhanced versions of … Continue reading
  • ClaroSpeak iOS App Release Notes - Version 3.0 May 2018
  • ClaroSpeak FAQs - 1. What gestures can I use in ClaroSpeak? Pinch over the text area to increase/decrease font size Tap the top toolbar while playing = Stop Shake device = Clear text In normal view mode: Swipe from left to right = Play In paged view mode: Swipe from left to right … Continue reading
  • ClaroSpeak Help Files and User Guides - English ClaroSpeak V2.0: Help file (Text file) | User Guide (PDF) ClaroSpeak V1.0: User Guide (Word doc | PDF)
  • Pressing Play in ClaroSpeak highlights text but I don’t hear anything - This may be because your device is set to mute, to check this, do the following: If in Settings > General > “Use Side Switch to”: is set to Lock Rotation: