ClaroView Release Notes

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ClaroView Windows Version 3.3.0 released June 2022

Version 3.3

Version 3.3.0 released 22 June 2022

  • Changed ClaroView to always be available on the Windows taskbar, and the system tray icon has been removed.

Version 3.2

Version 3.2.2 released 15 June 2022

  • Fixed: Error logging, and licensing system update.

Version 3.2.1 released 28 April 2022

  • Fixed: Crashing when Google Analytics services cannot be reached.

Version 3.2.0 released 4 April 2022

  • Fixed bug with licensing system so sometimes you would have to re-enter your licence key.
  • Added analytics so we can identify what people use and work on making these features better.
  • Updated to .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Added support to run with ClaroRead version 10.

Version 3

Version 3.0.5 released 3 August 2020. Blog Post: ClaroView Windows 3 Release

  • ClaroView traditionally overlaid the screen with a colour, so every pixel became a little bit blue, or grey, or whatever. ClaroView 3 will offer a new tinting model that leaves black pixels black, so it works much more like putting a plastic sheet over the screen – white gets changed but black does not. We hope this will be useful for some users, since visual perception is a very personal thing .
  • No longer supports Windows 7, only Windows 8 and higher.

Version 2 (Windows 7 Support)

Version 2.0.6 released 10 September 2018

  • Bugfixes when installed with USB Creator

Version 2

Version 2.0.4 released 6 December 2017.

  • Fixed issue with tint colour defaulting to black.
  • Fixed issue with trial period not being available after using a time-limited license key.
  • Fixed issue where licence keys for ScreenRuler would not activate ClaroView.

Version 2

Version 2.0.3 released 8 June 2017.

  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Licence key version available.

Version 1

Version 1 released January 2007.

  • Full-screen tinting.


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