• ClaroPDF Windows, Mac, Android, Web - Version 1-14 See:¬†ClaroSpeak Web Release Notes Version 15, Coming 2018 Creation of ClaroPDF Web, based on ClaroSpeak Web. Release of App versions on Windows, Mac and Android, of ClaroPDF Web. ClaroPDF can open PDF files from device. If it is an accessible PDF then the text can be read back … Continue reading
  • ClaroPDF Web User Guide - ClaroPDF allows you to have text PDFs read back to.
  • Neither Reading Nor Writing - We have lots of programs for lots of users with disabilities, though nowadays we concentrate on print impairments like dyslexia with our ClaroRead range and Apps. Below is a run-down of our software for other needs. You can always check out Labs ( for other software that might be of … Continue reading
  • How to automate your ClaroRead Cloud logins for iOS using an MDM - Download a PDF version of this article here. If you have a ClaroRead Pro or app-specific licence key in your ClaroRead Cloud account, you can login in our iOS apps and activate or unlock the app. You can login by tapping the login button and entering your ClaroRead Cloud username … Continue reading
  • ClaroIdeas Web Help manual - ClaroIdeas is an easy-to-use tool to support the creation and editing of concept or idea maps using visual components. It has been specifically developed to support people with wide age and ability ranges. We have tried to keep the complexity of the program down whilst still retaining the functionality of … Continue reading
  • ClaroIdeas Web Release Notes - Last updated October 2018
  • Licence Keys - Our software uses Licence Keys to let you activate and use it on your machines while making it easy to distribute widely. You can look up your licence key and download the correct software by using our Licence Key Lookup: Licence Key Lookup If you have activated your software and … Continue reading
  • Licence Keys Explained - The different types of licence keys and how to use them.
  • ClaroRead Cloud OCR Release Notes - Last updated September 2017.
  • ClaroSpeak Web Release Notes - Version 13 released December 2017.

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