If you get the the error message ‘The Wizard cannot find your scanner’ when running the scanner wizard on Windows 8.1, use the following procedure to fix the problem.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. In the address field type “%programdata%\scansoft” (without the quotes) and press ‘Enter’.
  3. Right click the ‘swizard’ folder and select ‘Properties’.
  4. In the ‘Properties’ window select the ‘Security’ tab.
  5. Click on ‘Edit’.
  6. Select ‘Users’ from the ‘Group or usernames list’.
  7. In the ‘Permissions for Users’ section tick the checkbox labelled ‘Full control’.
  8. Click ‘OK’ twice to close the ‘Properties’ window.
  9. Run the scanner wizard from ClaroRead settings.
  10. In the first window in the Wizard select ‘Yes’ to download the scanner database.
  11. Click ‘Next’, select the ‘TWAIN’ driver and click ‘Next’ again.
  12. Accept the recommended setting of ‘No’ when prompted to test your device.
  13. Click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.
  14. Your scanner should now be setup.
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