Lightning Magnifier Help

Lightning is an easy-to-use screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows: it makes things on the screen bigger and easier to see for people with problems with their sight.

Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out, and adjust how it looks by using the other buttons and opening Settings.


Zoom level is how much magnification is done. At higher levels you can see things bigger but it is harder to find your way around the screen.

Invert inverts the display: black becomes white, white black and so on. Some people will find inverted screens easier to see.

Style means how Lightning magnifies: the whole screen, or a lens on the screen are the most popular options, but you can also have a magnified strip that follow the mouse cursor, or have one half of the screen magnified while the other is not.

Tracking controls how Lightning changes where on the screen it is looking when things happen. You may find it better to have Lightning only follow the mouse cursor, or you may want it to follow as you type.

By default the mouse cursor is kept in the middle of the screen. You can make the screen move about less by selecting Border for Scrolling on the Pointers tab.

Shortcut keys

You can also use the following shortcut keys while Lightning is running: