Scan Settings (Plus and Pro Only)

This feature is only available in ClaroRead Plus and Pro.

The Scan Settings tab is shown below.


When you scan a document you can choose either to keep the original format or simplify the format into a single text column. You can either have images from the original document inserted into the scanned document or discarded.

Language for Scanning

You can change the setting for the OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It is set to English as default. If you are scanning some French text, for example, you need to tell ClaroRead that it is going to receive some French text. Do this by selecting the language:

Preview scanned image

Check "Preview scanned image" on the Scan tab and next time you scan the Preview window will be opened with lots of options. See Preview.

Proofread before converting to text (ClaroRead Pro)

After Preview you can optionally Proofread your scanned pages. This lets you correct any recognition errors or add additional specialised vocabulary. Check "Proofread before converting to text" to have the Proofread window appear next time you scan. See Proofing.

View result

If "View result" is checked, once a file has been saved it will automatically open in the default program for that file type.

Scanner Setup Wizard

Before you scan for the first time, you should run the Scanner Setup Wizard to ensure ClaroRead can connect to your scanner. ClaroRead supports an extensive range of scanners.

Running The Scanner Setup Wizard

The actual screens you see will be dependent on the scanners and other devices that you may have attached to your PC. The following screens show the various setup screens. The first screen asks whether you would like to download the latest scanner database. It is recommended to select No. Click Next.

When you have "No Scanner" selected, the following screen will appear, click Next.

Now there should be a list of available scanner drivers on your PC. The ones shown here are for example only. You will see different names. If there are multiple drivers for the same device it is recommended to select the TWAIN driver. Select the driver and click OK.

You should now see the selected scanner driver in the list, ensure it is selected and click Next.

Next you need to choose whether to test the scanner or not. You can select either Yes, No or Restore original settings. In most cases, you should choose the recommended option.

Click Finish to complete the Scanner Wizard. ClaroRead should now operate with your chosen Scanner. Select Scan from Paper from the Scan menu. If you see the following splash screen, then the scanning feature is running.