Making Other Programs Speak

ClaroRead makes almost every program speak. Use one of the following techniques.

Speak when Mouse Selects

ClaroRead will speak back any text that you select with your mouse. To do this, select or block some text with your mouse:

The text will be spoken back immediately once you let go of your mouse.

If you don't want the text to be spoken when you select, you can turn it off in the Advanced Speech settings.

Speak the Clipboard

If you click Play or press F7 when you are not in Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Word, or Adobe Reader, then ClaroRead simply reads what is in the Windows Clipboard.

So you can always select some text in a program and Copy it (usually in an Edit menu or pressing Control and C) and then click Play or press F7 in ClaroRead.

As usual, to stop the speech click Stop or press F8.

Speak on Ctrl + Hover

Checking "Speak on Ctrl + hover" in Speech Settings will let you hold down the Control key and point at an icon, button, link, text area or other item. ClaroRead will then speak it out.