Preview (Plus and Pro Editions)

By default ClaroRead will scan straight into Word or save to a file so you can get on and work with the text. If you want more control over scanning, such as which parts of a page are scanned, then you can use the powerful Preview feature.

The Preview window lets you remove parts of a document you do not want to scan and to set the reading order of the output document. The reading order is very important for PDF files. See Making Accessible PDF Files.

The Preview window is displayed if you check "Preview scanning image" in the Scan settings.

Image thumbnail view

An image thumbnail preview appears at the left of the Preview window only if you have more than one page. This lets you change between pages and delete pages. It also shows the status of the page - see Proofing.

The main Preview area

The main Preview area in the centre of the Preview window shows each page and what will be scanned (OCR) on each page. These are called Zones. Text zones and images that will be scanned are marked with boxes and icons:

You can edit these Zones to control what is scanned and OCR'd. See Selecting what is going to be scanned.

The Preview toolbar

To the left of the Preview is a toolbar with many commands:

Setting the reading order

Reading order is very important if you are producing PDF files. You can set it by clicking the Zone Order button, then clicking on each zone (image or block of text) in the Preview in order. An arrow and a number show the final order.

Deleting pages from an input document

You can remove pages from an input document. For example, you may only want to scan one chapter from a PDF file.

You do this by selecting pages in the Image Thumbnail view on the left. (The Image Thumbnail view is only shown if you have more than one page in the input document.) You can then click the Delete button to remove the selected pages.

Combining documents and adding pages

You can combine pages and documents together. This is useful if you interrupt scanning half-way through and want to add more pages, or you want to combine some image or PDF files into one PDF or Word document.

Open a file or scan a document as usual, then click the Add pages button. Select to scan a page or add a new file and the new page or file will be added to the current document.

Selecting what is going to be scanned.

ClaroRead does its best to make sense of everything on a page, so sometimes it can try to scan sections that you don't want, like marks on the page from scanning or images you don't want in the output.

The areas that are going to be scanned are called Zones. You add and delete and edit zones using the buttons on the Preview toolbar.

Example of editing Zones

ClaroRead has identified a speech bubble as an Image Zone, so it will be contained in the output document after scanning. We would rather it were a Text Zone, so we could read it back. We don't mind about losing the image.

Click on the Image Zone to select it:

Click on Delete Zone to remove the zone. It will no longer appear in the output document:

Click on Create a Text Zone, then select the area containing the text you want to scan and OCR. This text ("Get help now!") will now appear as readable text in the output document: