Welcome to ClaroRead

Welcome to ClaroRead. ClaroRead is designed to make it easier for you to do things with your computer by making it speak and making things easier to read. It is closely integrated with Microsoft Word to assist you as you work with text but also helps you with web pages and email and anything else you want to do.

ClaroRead adds powerful speech features which allow you to listen to any information depicted on your computer screen. It also includes many easy ways to make the text clearer and more visible. We have also included useful text checking tools, to aid you in creating the most accurate documents.

ClaroRead will work with any application or software program on your PC. The highly-visible ClaroRead toolbar can be locked in one place, docked to the top of the screen or can be left to float around the screen as suits you best.

ClaroRead Pro Toolbar

ClaroRead Plus Toolbar

ClaroRead Standard Toolbar