How to licence your Claro products

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How to licence your Claro software.

Installing software (Windows)

We provide a free way of licencing our Windows software to end users who need or want it. Organisations with site licences or annual licences should check their licence and contact directly.

We have two ways of licencing your software:

  • Claro Licencing – Claro Software Licencing program for Windows PC.
    • This licencing program will allow you to log in to your ClaroRead Cloud account and store all of your keys locally, instead of entering your keys for each software.
  • ClaroRead Cloud – ClaroRead download site and Cloud services.
    • You can always download the latest versions of our software by logging in to ClaroRead Cloud and entering your licence key to unlock software downloads. The very latest versions of all our software, including ClaroRead, are there. You can also get software that you don’t already have, and pick from our entire range of 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices.
    • If you don’t have a licence key, do email technical support and get one.

Do check our our release notes for our products to find out what is new and if you should update.

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.