Installation Issues

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  • If you try to install from a download and get the message “… is not a valid Win32 application” then the download is incomplete. Download and retry – a full download installation can be over 250MB for ClaroRead Plus. If this does not work then try running Disk Cleanup (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools in Windows XP) on your main hard disk (usually C:) and making sure “Temporary Files” is checked.
  • As with all software Claro programs work best on updated computers with the latest Microsoft updates. Use Microsoft Windows Update to check your computer is up-to-date: you can select Windows Update from the Tools menu of Internet Explorer and the Microsoft website will guide you through any necessary updates.
    • Claro programs use Microsoft Office extensively: enable Office updates as well as Windows updates.
  • Try installing the latest Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 6.
  • Anti-virus programs can cause problems with installation. If you cannot install a Claro program try disabling your anti-virus program and installing it again.
  • If installation is stopped for any reason before it completes you may find that your Claro software does not speak or does not work. Open Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall the Claro Product if it is there. Then try installing again.
  • If you receive the message A fatal error occurred during installation and/or the Windows Installer error code 1603 when trying to install Claro software then try Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 834484.

This page was last updated on 4th November 2019.

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