Installing Chrome Apps and Extensions

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How to install ClaroRead Chrome on your Chromebooks and Google Domain, for end users and site licences, and how to upgrade to Premium.

Claro Software makes Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome and Chromebooks. These are all available in the Chrome Web Store (formerly called the Google Apps Marketplace).

For end users with Google Chrome or a Chromebook, you can simply go to the Chrome Web Store and search for our App, or follow a link from our website, and install the App or Extension straight away into your machine. You don’t have be a systems administrator. You do have to be in Google Chrome!

For system administrators in schools, colleges, companies or organisations, it is more complicated. You may want to push one of our Apps or Extensions to every end user. If you have not already done so, you need to sign up to Chrome for Work and Education for your organization. You can then find User settings and App management in the Admin console and assign Claro Apps and Extensions as required.

That’s all you need to do for the free ClaroRead for Chrome extension.

The ClaroRead Chrome extension also has a Premium (paid-for) option. There are two ways to get this.

By licence key. Individual users can entering a licence key obtained from Claro Software. You enter the licence key into the settings dialog. Click the button labeled “Upgrade to Premium” and enter your licence key. (Organizational customers or site licence customers can do this too, but we don’t recommend it, because you have to enter the key for each user.)

Open the settings dialog, at the bottom is a button labelled "Upgrade to Premium"

By Google Domain. Organizational customers with a ClaroRead Cloud or ClaroRead Annual licence can simply tell Claro Software their Google domain and deploy the free extension, and it will detect and upgrade itself. Your Google domain is the domain name of the email address your users use to sign in, like if they sign in with You can set this all up yourself in your ClaroRead Cloud account: see Provisioning Chrome Site Licences for more details.

By username and password. If you are supporting Chromebooks that are not on your Google domain then you can create a username and password for your users. Log in to Cloud, go to “Staff and Students” and create them, then hand out to valid users. More.


This page was last updated on 19th September 2019.