Installing Claro iOS Apps on multiple iPads (or iPhones, iPod Touches)

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You may have a large number of iOS users and want to give them all a paid-for Claro Software App – you want the equivalent of a site licence for iOS Apps. For example, you want every student in your school to have ClaroSpeak on their iPad. Doing it manually – buying the App individually for each iPad – takes a long time and updates will require the users to know the AppStore password.

You may also want to push a free iOS App to your users. Again, even though it is free, you don’t want to have to go do each device individually.

Instead you can use two Apple systems to help you:

  • The Volume Purchase Program lets you buy lots of licences for a single App in one go. So you can buy all the apps you need in one go.
  • The Profile Manager program lets you remotely configure iOS devices, including deploying apps to them.
    • The older Apple Configurator program does the same thing, but requires you to manually plug each iOS device into the Mac – no remote configuration. You would only use Apple Configurator if you have to support very old iOS devices that can’t run iOS 9 – the original iPad, or iPhone 3 and earlier.

Here is roughly how it works:

  1. Your school/college/company signs up for the Volume Purchase Program and buys multiple copies of the app you want. (You can skip this step if the apps are free!)
  2. You install and run Profile Manager on a Mac and set up a profile for your school/college/company.
  3. You register the iOS devices with your school/college/company profile, or you get your users to do it themselves.
  4. You install the paid-for Apps from Claro onto registered iOS devices. Each device you install a paid-for App onto uses up one of the copies you purchased using the Volume Purchase Program.