Installing Claro ScanPen Chrome

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Claro ScanPen is available in the Chrome Web Store, to install Claro ScanPen Chrome simply visit the Chrome Web Store on a Chromebook device and search for Claro ScanPen. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and that’s the installation complete.

To access Claro ScanPen and its great features you need to have either an account with a valid CLAROREAD PRO or CLAROREAD PLUS license or a Premium Domain which allows multiple users to use Claro ScanPen.

Non-Premium Account

If you log in to the Chromebook device using a non-premium domain then you will be prompted with a login screen. Here you can enter credentials for an account that has a Premium License and this will grant you access to the Claro ScanPen app.

Premium Account

If you are logged in to the Chromebook device using a premium domain for example then you will be granted access immediately when you open the app as the premium domain will be checked for its license.

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.