Installing Claro Windows software on your network

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Customers owning a site licence or multi-user licence version of a Claro product are able to distribute that product over multiple computers. This could be done by visiting each computer with the installers on a USB pen drive, and manually installing the product, but this would be very time-consuming. If the computers are connected on a network however it is possible to use Microsoft networking tools to distribute the software from a central location.

All Claro products use Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) files for installation. This means that standard Microsoft installation techniques can be used. For more information on the techniques please consult the following sections.

Claro products often come with high-quality synthesized speech voices: these sound great, but can eat up more disk space than you want. See the Voices section below.

Converting an MSI-plus-CAB into a single MSI file

Claro product installers are supplied as MSIs (installers) plus CAB (data) files. If required, you can convert these files to a single MSI installer file, please see Converting an MSI-plus-CAB into a single MSI file.

Network Installation Guide

Click this link to download the Network Installation Guide (PDF). This contains information on, and examples of, the ways in which Claro products can be distributed over a network. This information is also contained in the sections below.

Installing using Active Directory Group Policy

Group Policy is a feature of Windows Server which allows the definition of rules that are applied to individual users or groups of users. These rules allow for the installation of software when the user logs into any machine. The following two guides show how to distribute ClaroRead using Group Policies on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Although these guides are aimed at ClaroRead they can be used for any of our products.

Installing for RemoteApp

RemoteApp is a feature in Windows 2008 which allows users to run an application on a remote server but see it as though it were running on their own desktop. Claro products are able to work in this manner however some problems can occur if the software needs to communicate with another piece of software but they aren’t running on the same machine. For instance, if ClaroRead was being run on a server and viewed through RemoteApp but Microsoft Word was running on the client machine then the highlighting and reading features (as well as others) would not be available because ClaroRead would not be able to communicate with Microsoft Word. If both pieces of software were running on the server however then ClaroRead would work normally.

For information on how to install products for use by RemoteApp please see Installing Applications for Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services and Configuring RemoteApp on Windows Server 2008.

For information on using RemoteApp from Windows XP clients please see Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp).

Installing using scripts

Windows Task Scheduler can be used to execute batch scripts at an allocated time. These batch scripts can easily be made to install software. For more information on installing Claro products with scripts please see Installing ClaroRead using a batch script.


  • Supported Windows and Office version.
    • Claro products are designed for currently-supported Windows and Office releases. Older versions of Windows or Office may not work properly. You should be using a supported version of Windows. 


Many of our products come with synthesized speech voices (e.g. ‘Vocalizer Daniel’). These are SAPI5 voices, installed by separate MSI windows installer files. 

Generally, larger voices are better, but because of their high quality some voices can be hundreds of MB in size, so you may or may not want to install them all.

You will find the voices as separate zip or exe files from the download source you have been given for your software.


This page was last updated on 24th June 2022.