How to install from a network share across multiple client machines using a batch .BAT script

Setting up a share

The first step to distributing ClaroRead using a batch script is to provide a shared location from which clients can access the ClaroRead setup files. If there is not already a shared folder set up for this purpose then one can be created in the following manner:

  1. Create a folder in a suitable location with a suitable name

    Windows Explorer window showing the creation of a new folder called 'Shared'

  2. Right-click on the new folder and select Properties

  3. In the properties dialog select the ‘Sharing’ tab and then click on ‘Advanced Sharing?’

    Shared Properties settings window for the folder created in step 1

  4. Tick ‘Share this folder’ and then click on the ‘Permissions’ button

    Advanced Sharing options window for the folder created in step 1 with the 'Share this folder' setting enabled

  5. Add the ‘Read’ permission to users or groups that should be able to install ClaroRead

    Permissions settings window for the folder created in step 1 with the 'Read' permission enabled for the group 'Everyone'

  6. ‘OK’ all of the dialogs and open the new folder in Windows Explorer

  7. Create any further folders desired to make it easier to manage the file system

  8. Open the ClaroRead CD in Windows Explorer and navigate to ‘\Programs\ClaroRead’ or ‘\Programs\ClaroReadPlus’ depending on the version.

  9. Copy all files in this folder to the new shared folder

Creating the batch file

The next task is to create the batch file to install the software.

Create a new batch(.BAT) file in the shared folder. Into this file enter the required lines to install the software. For example:

@echo off
msiexec /i ClaroReadPlus55-enus.msi /passive
msiexec /i msxml.msi /passive
msiexec /i msxml6.msi /passive

Setting the script to run at logon

Please see the following two articles for information on setting the script to run at logon:

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