Installing licensed (keyed) versions of ClaroRead on networks

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Our licence key (or license key) versions of ClaroRead require a licence key before they will run. This is time-consuming to install by hand across many machines.

This is a quicker way to license your software across multiple machines. It assumes you are installing ClaroRead over your network using a batch script.

Step 1: Provide licence key during installation

Provide the key to the Windows Installer MSI file for ClaroRead as a commandline argument on an elevated command prompt. Add LICENCEKEY to your MSIEXEC call to install the MSI. Note that LICENCEKEY is case-sensitive. For example:
msiexec /I Z:\SoftwareDistribution\ClaroRead\ClaroReadPro-engb.msi LICENCEKEY=1234-2342-2123-2312-1232 /passive

This writes the licence key in the ClaroRead.ini file during installation, and when ClaroRead runs it will automatically authenticate online and everything should work – a User can do this, it does not need an administrator.

This is all you have to do for ClaroRead version 6.5.5 or later. If you have an earlier version of ClaroRead you should upgrade now.

This page was last updated on 10th November 2020.