Installing lots of MSI files at once (batch files)

Published by Claro Software on

If you’re a system administrator (or partner) you might find yourself needing to install multiple MSI files onto a target computer. There are several technical ways to do this, but for simplicity here are some super-simple batch files that will install all of the MSI files in the folder where they find themselves.

Batch files use the command line. These two batch files will install all of the MSIs they find in their directory when run. “Passive” means you get a progress bar only for each one. “Silent” means the user sees nothing at all.

Drop the batch file you want to use into a folder containing all the MSI and CAB files you want to install. You can download MSI and CAB files for installation from ClaroRead Cloud.

You can edit the batch files in Notepad. Add “pause” to the bottom of a file if you want it to wait at the end after installing. It will then sit there until you or the user presses a key. Just add a line like this:


Note that you must run the batch file as an Administrator or you will get a UAC prompt for each MSI (or even be prompted for an Administrator password).